Baidu’s Robin Li Says AI Cannot Replace Humans

On May 18th, at the opening of the 7th World Intelligence Congress, Baidu CEO Robin Li gave a speech titled ‘Large Models Changing Artificial Intelligence’. Mr. Li said: “I am not worried that large models will lead to a reduction in human job opportunities.

“The underlying technology of generative artificial intelligence is actually large models,” said Li, “Big data, big computing power, and large models have led to the emergence of intelligence. At the same time, there has been a directional change in artificial intelligence from discriminative AI to generative AI. Large models have also redefined human-machine interaction and marketing and customer service. Any company that has the best way to communicate with customers will own them.”

Baidu is the first company among global giants to develop a large-scale model ERNIE Bot that competes with ChatGPT. It is also the only company in the world with a full-stack layout in all four layers of artificial intelligence architecture: chip layer, framework layer, model layer and application layer.

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“Intelligent emergence has greatly improved people’s work efficiency, such as in content creation, customer service, and translation. At the same time, it also brings some concerns: will such efficiency improvements make many people lose their jobs?” By reviewing past industrial revolutions, Li believes that industrial revolutions have eliminated some job opportunities but also created many new ones. “The improvement of people’s work efficiency can support more people and make everyone’s life better than before.”

“For humans, the greatest danger and unsustainability is not the uncertainty brought by innovation. On the contrary, it is the various unpredictable risks that come from continuing to follow inertia without inventing, creating or progressing. This is the biggest threat to humanity,” said Li.