Baidu’s ERNIE Bot Reduces Reasoning Cost by 90%

Recently, Baidu held a technical exchange meeting for ERNIE Bot, which has been in internal testing for a month. The meeting revealed that ERNIE Bot has completed four technology version upgrades and the cost of large model inference has been reduced to one-tenth of the original.

The six intelligent product series of Baidu AI Cloud will also be comprehensively upgraded based on ERNIE Bot and will be launched after security assessment is completed in the future.

Since March, Baidu‘s ERNIE Bot has been in invitation-only testing for over a month. Now users have discovered that ERNIE Bot has launched a dedicated app for internal testing, currently only available on Android.

The interface of ERNIE Bot’s test version is brief, and users can input questions by typing on the keyboard or through voice input. Additionally, ERNIE Bot can also provide answers through voice.

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In the future, ERNIE Bot’s enterprise services will take the lead in covering various scenarios such as office work, tourism services, e-commerce services, government affairs services and financial services.

It can achieve functions such as PPT production and document generation, travel itinerary planning, booking and adjustment, financial information retrieval and investment proposal generation.