Baidu Takes Massive Lead in Autonomous Driving Compared to Industry Peers

Chinese Internet giant Baidu topped industry peers by a landslide in autonomous driving technology by having the most number of test license plates and vehicles, and the longest overall distance driven.

The Beijing Autonomous Vehicles Road Test Report 2018 issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport released today detailed the information and data derived from road testing of autonomous vehicles in Beijing during 2018 from eight companies including Baidu, NIO, BAIC BJEV, Daimler,, Tencent, Audi, and Didi Chuxing.

Of the 56 total test license plates granted by the Beijing municipal government 45 were granted to Baidu.

The total test distance recorded by vehicles of all eight companies was 95,420 miles in 2018, with Baidu alone covering 86,922 miles.

Robin Li, Baidu founder and CEO
Robin Li, Baidu founder and CEO (Source: Baidu)

On April 2, Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li said the company is planning to test its self-driving taxi service in designated areas in Changsha City during the second half of 2019. Li added that the company will begin with testing up to 100 self-driving taxis in Changsha throughout the year.

After obtaining the first autonomous vehicle testing permit in Beijing in March 2018, Baidu has been gradually expanding its testing fleets and mileage. The company began autonomous driving research and development in early 2013 and launched its Apollo platform in 2017.

Source: mzone

The original announcement by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport can be read here (Chinese). The BICMI Chinese report can be found here (Chinese).

Featured Image Source: CNBC