Baidu Becomes Global Strategic Partner for AI in Chinese Lunar Exploration and Aerospace Engineering

Chinese tech giant Baidu on December 16 signed a cooperation agreement with the Chang’e Aerospace Science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to become the global strategic partner for artificial intelligence (AI) in Chinese lunar exploration aerospace engineering. The two sides will carry out cooperation in space and AI technology in the field of lunar and planetary exploration.

Wu Weiren, chief designer of China’s lunar exploration project, said, “China has become one of the world’s major space powers, and the application of artificial intelligence technology will become more and more prominent. Baidu is welcome to participate in major deep space exploration projects, especially in the field of intelligent detection.”

Baidu has always enjoyed close cooperation with national lunar exploration and aerospace projects. In 2021, the world’s first rover digital man, jointly released by Baidu and China Mars Exploration Project, left a deep impression on the public.

AI technology has been applied significantly in past aerospace development. In the future, AI will be widely used in spacecraft fault analysis, mission design and planning, autonomous decision-making, intelligent robots, and so on.

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In the future, Baidu and China’s lunar exploration and aerospace project will give full play to their advantages in technology, products and brands, and will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the research and development of deep space exploration, construction of technology application platform, popularization of space science and technology, and personnel training.