Autonomous Driving Startup Haomo.AI to Deliver Urban Driving Assistance Product in September

On September 14, at the 6th annual AI DAY, autonomous driving startup Haomo.AI announced that it had delivered three new sets of products for passenger vehicles in the past two and a half years.

At the same time, the model equipped with urban NOH (Navigation on HPilot) is planned to be mass-produced in September and released later this year. In terms of automatic distribution of terminal logistics, the 2.0 version of Haomo.AI’s product has been mass-produced and delivered offline.

Zhang Kai, chairman of Haomo.AI, said: “In the era of automated driving 3.0, assisted driving is the necessary link. At present, China has become the main battlefield of smart cars in the world. It is estimated that by 2025, the carrying rate of high-level assisted driving will exceed 70%.”

Based on the huge demand for large model training, Haomo.AI also launched a supercomputing center. Gu Weihao, CEO of the company, outlined what was necessary to increase the uptake of automated driving by the broader public: “Improving training efficiency, reducing training costs and achieving low-carbon computing is a key threshold for automated driving to enter thousands of households.” The goal of the supercomputing center is to meet the large model with 100 billion parameters, and reduce the overall training cost by 200 times.

Haomo.AI, in conjunction with a county in Zhejiang Province and Alibaba Cloud, released China’s first large-scale automated driving scenario library based on intelligent vehicle infrastructure cooperative systems. The library is generated by real traffic data and meets data compliance requirements. It is expected to further accelerate China’s automated driving industry.

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Five months after its listing, the 2.0 version of Haomo.AI’s automatic distribution vehicle officially started delivery. It has L4 automated driving, low-cost deployment, a vehicle management platform, remote monitoring platform, order management platform, and other functions. The vehicle is priced at 128,800 yuan ($18,514), and the estimated annual output is 10,000 units, which can cover park areas and open urban roads.

Haomo.AI’s automatic distribution vehicle (Source: Haomo.AI)