Automatic Driving System Developer AutoBrain Wins Round-A Financing, Led by Shenzhen Capital Group

AutoBrain announced Thursday that it has obtained a round-A of financing, which was exclusively led by Shenzhen Capital Group and followed by Grains Valley Venture Capital. The funds raised this time will be used for R&D and the mass production of intelligent driving products.

AutoBrain was established in 2017, focusing on the independent R&D of intelligent driving systems. After the release of Mr. Pilot, its first mass-produced high-speed automatic driving product in Chinese market, AutoBrain has upgraded it and launched the second generation product with an NOP feature, according to the needs and driving habits of Chinese users.

Since its establishment, AutoBrain has been recognized by partners including five passenger carmakers and six commercial vehicle makers.

The founding team of AutoBrain has 21 years of intelligent driving research experience. Its core members are from the team that won the championship and runner-up of the China Intelligent Driving Challenge six consecutive times. The company has a large number of intelligent driving professionals from leading companies and institutions such as Tesla, Waymo, UC Berkeley and Harvard University.

The founding team said that AutoBrain adheres to independent R&D and aims at the mass production of products, better cooperating with carmakers and developing a shared intelligent driving ecosystem.

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