Automated Driving Company Plus Launches “Plus Build” Program in US

Plus, an automated driving heavy truck company, announced on Monday the launch of the “Plus Build” program in the United States. Velociti, a world leading fleet technology solution provider, is serving as the technical support partner.

The Plus Build programs aims to transform any heavy duty truck that drives smoothly on the road into an automated driving heavy duty truck with the PlusDrive system within a single day. In addition, while cooperating with Velociti’s technical installation service, Plus and Velociti jointly started the VeloCare project, and realized active system health monitoring with the help of Velociti’s flagship health monitoring platform and technical personnel network.

(Source: Plus)

Plus Build will open a network in or near major transportation hubs in the US. Customers can choose the most convenient location for system installation and maintenance.

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At present, Plus is promoting PlusDrive products all over the world. Amazon and several global leading heavy duty truck fleets and main engine factories have joined the Plus Build project and started to operate heavy duty trucks with PlusDrive.

In the US, Plus has delivered 1,000 automated driving heavy duty trucks to e-commerce giant Amazon, along with the PlusDrive system. In China, Plus – together with Zhito – has helped FAW to make its automated driving J7 truck, and this model was the first to enter mass production and delivery in the industry. In addition, it obtained 8,000 advance orders from other logistics enterprises in China and the US, initiating delivery.