‘Arena of Valor’ Opens for Pre-Registration in North America

After nationwide success in China, Arena of Valor is battling its way into overseas markets. The game, which has 200 million Chinese players, is entering the North America market. Supporting both iOS and Android, Arena of Valor is open for pre-registration and will be available in November.

The overseas edition of Arena of Valor only keeps its core gameplay identical to the Chinese version. The majority of game content has been radically localized, with new logos, user interfaces, game interfaces, and characters.

Screenshots from Arena of Valor

This difference is immediately apparent. In terms of style, Arena of Valor has adopted a fantasy setting that may be better accepted by Western gamers.

Characters are based on science fiction and fantasy themes. Among the 25 revealed playable characters, there are elves, stone-trolls, and demon mages. A few characters familiar to Chinese gamers, such as Lü Bu and Diao Chan, remain, but they no longer resemble their Chinese incarnations.

Diao Chan and Lü Bu

A cooperation between Tencent and DC Comics will bring other popular DC heroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to Arena of Valor. The social media channel for the gamer recently featured an image of Batman in the game.

Batman in Arena of Valor

Players may finally see fantasy matches between Batman and Lü Bu, and between Wonder Woman and Diao Chan. The chaos is on!

This article originally appeared in ifanr and was translated by Pandaily.