Appraisal of Tesla Traffic Accident in Guangdong Now Finished

With regard to the accident involving a Tesla vehicle in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province on November 5 last year, the appraisal report has been finally sent to local police. However, the third-party appraisal institution will not announce the appraisal results. Belonging to the Ministry of Justice in China, this institution can provide trace identification, electronic data identification, and traffic accident identification.

Last November, a Tesla Model Y in Chaozhou was suspected to have lost control while driving at a high speed for 2.6 kilometers, causing two deaths and three injuries.

After the accident, Tesla officials said at that time that the background data showed that the vehicle switch had been pressed for a long time and there was no stepping on the brake throughout the whole process. While driving, the driver briefly pressed the parking button four times, then quickly released it.

The possibility of drunk driving and drug abuse has been ruled out. The driver claimed to have more than 30 years of driving experience, and when the accident occurred, his feet were always on the brake pedal, but the pedal had no braking effect. He also stated that he was not stepping on the accelerator and, after pressing the parking button, the vehicle continued to accelerate.

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On February 28, Han Chao, a well-known Tesla car owner, published the event data recorder file of the accident. Another blogger explained that when the accident happened, the driver was wearing a seat belt, and the speed was 163km/h when the accident occurred. What is most noteworthy is that the accelerator pedal is shown as having been pressed down while the brake pedal shows no action was taken.

Looking back at traffic accidents involving Tesla vehicles, many car owners chose to look for a third-party appraisal agency, but were worried that the software problem of “brake failure” could not be identified.

Many organizations have indicated that hardware detection can be carried out for vehicles, but not for software or systems. Some organizations said that if the vehicle and its hardware are seriously damaged, there is no guarantee to identify the cause of the accident.

Some car owners have gone so far as to install cameras pointed at their Tesla’s brakes to provide evidence in case of an accident. Just this month, another incident involving a Tesla vehicle occurred. On February 17, a Tesla Model 3 was suspected to be out of control and collided with two cars in front of it, causing one death and one injury in the Model 3.