Alibaba’s Version of ChatGPT Expects to Release Next Week

The 2023 Alibaba Cloud Summit will be held on April 11th in Beijing. Key executives, including Alibaba Group’s Chairman and CEO, Daniel Zhang, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence’s Chief Technology Officer, Zhou Jingren, and its Global Business President, Cai Yinghua, will attend the main forum.

Alibaba will launch a large-scale model on the 11th and an industry application model on the 18th.” According to insiders, Alibaba‘s large-scale model will be officially launched at the 2023 Alibaba Cloud Summit, followed by various types of industry application models.

Previously, a blogger tested Tmall Genie and found that the Alibaba version of ChatGPT voice assistant had been launched. The blogger tested a total of 15 questions, and the answers to 10 of them performed better than competitors.

“This is a test version”, it is confirmed by an Alibaba insider that Tmall Genie has indeed integrated the large model product. “The large model product has been integrated into various product lines within Alibaba for internal testing, and its performance is very impressive.”

In 2021, Alibaba successively released the first multimodal large model M6 with over 10 billion parameters in China and the large language model PLUG, which is known as the “Chinese version of GPT-3”. Afterwards, they also trained and implemented the world’s first AI model with 100 trillion parameters.

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On March 28th, Alibaba announced its biggest change in the past 24 years, causing a huge shock in the industry. Among them, the cloud and intelligent business unit with an annual revenue of over 100 billion yuan, accounting for one-eighth of the entire Alibaba Group’s revenue, will be led by Daniel Zhang as the CEO of Cloud Intelligence Group.

During the latest earnings call, Daniel Zhang revealed that cloud computing is one of Alibaba‘s core strategies for the future. Currently, the combination of cloud computing and artificial intelligence is at a critical stage of technological breakthroughs and development. Generative AI is undergoing disruptive breakthroughs, and Alibaba will fully build its own AI pre-training large model while providing computational support for models and applications that are surging in the market.