Alibaba’s DingTalk Releases XR Office Solution and Rokid Air AR Smart Glasses

Alibaba’s free office communications platform DingTalk announced the official release of an extended reality (XR) feature called “DingTalk WorkSpace” on Thursday. It presents a set of solutions for AR/VR offices, opening up core capabilities such as instant messaging, conferencing, documents and approval, providing multi-screen collaboration, high privacy and convenience for users.

Using AR/VR features, DingTalk Workspace supports a three-screen working mode and smartphone control, headset control and voice interaction. It will also support various capabilities for 3D virtual working environments, such as digital people.

At the same time, the official DingTalk store also launched sales of the Rokid Air AR smart glasses. These glasses were released by Chinese VR firm Rokid, and have a resolution of 1920*1080, supporting 0-500 degree myopia adjustment. When wearing the glasses, users can experience the equivalent of a 120-inch 4K TV from a distance of 4 meters.

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On March 22 this year, at Alibaba’s DingTalk to Accelerate Commercialization, the firm announced a cooperation with Rokid, under which both parties would jointly explore ecological construction such as XR office, content and industry solutions.

At the conference, DingTalk clearly answered questions pertaining to the relationship between itself and ecology companies for the first time: DingTalk only holds one thing at its core, that is, platform as a service (PaaS). In the future, it will offer basic products such as online documents, audio and video functions, project management and conferences, and professional applications will be made by ecosystem and hardware developers.