Alibaba, Tmall and Report Record Sales of 1 Trillion Yuan on 618 Shopping Festival

This year’s 618 Mid-year Shopping Festival ended Thursday, with record sales of trillions of yuan from multiple online retail platforms.

618 Shopping Festival started as‘s store celebration in 2010, where it offered the most highly promoted sales on June 18. It has become a shopping holiday as big as Single’s Day (11.11), which was created by Alibaba. 618 Shopping Festival made a new record (Source: JD)

This year, the two online retail giants set new sales records. Tmall, owned by Alibaba, reported sales of 698.2 billion yuan while‘s sales reached 269.2 billion yuan.

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In addition to sales and discounts, livestreaming e-commerce played a major role in this year’s festival, featuring not only professional new anchors and entertainment stars, but also corporate leaders. As of June 16, sales from Taobao’s livestreaming e-commerce increased by more than 250% year-on-year.

Other online retails also saw gratifying results. As of noon on Thursday, the amount of‘s sales had surpassed the whole-day result in 2009. In the “Suning 618 Super Show” on Wednesday night, the turnover exceeded 5 billion yuan.

Gree Electric’s Chairman and President Dong Mingzhu personally went live on air on Thursday, helping sell over 10.27 billion yuan worth of goods, breaking her previous record of 6.54 billion yuan on June 1.

Midea Group invited stars to hold multiple live streams. It achieved sales of more than 1 billion yuan in just 42 minutes on June 18.