Alibaba Tests Youth Trend-Oriented Social E-Commerce App Taibang

Global tech firm Alibaba is testing an app called “Taibang” (Tài bàng “态棒”), a social e-commerce community focused on trendy youth culture, according to a report by Xinyan Finance on Thursday. At present, it requires an invitation code for users to register and log in.

According to its introduction, the app’s slogan is “Created by China with attitude.” The new platform brings together many new prominent domestic designer brands, and has a unique layout style of stores, enabling users to discover many niche brands.

When encountering desired products, users can place orders directly, while the purchase process is the same as that on Taobao, Alibaba‘s major online shopping platform. On the product page, users can swipe up and down – like when browsing short video apps – and the system will recommend similar products for users to choose from. In addition, users can comment their ideas about the product.

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The app advocates products created in China “with attitude,” provides young users with trendy goods and services with Chinese features, and helps young Chinese designers to be recognized by more consumers on the platform, helping young entrepreneurs realize business opportunities.

Recently, Alibaba has frequently made moves in the e-commerce realm, including with the launch of Tmall Maoxiang (Māo xiǎng “猫享”) and other self-operated e-commerce businesses. On the other hand, the company launched Fengyun (Fēng yún “蜂耘”) and invested in rural e-commerce.

The launch of Taibang represents a key attempt to capitalize on youth demographics. Industry analysts believe that Alibaba has perhaps launched these new e-commerce products in response to fierce competition in the domestic e-commerce market.