Alibaba Is Developing An AI E-Commerce Product Called ‘Huiwa’

Tech Planet reported that Alibaba has established an AI e-commerce team and is currently developing an AI e-commerce product called ‘Huiwa’ for merchants and influencers. It has already started invitation testing with some Taobao merchants.

According to the introduction, this product will improve the efficiency of Taobao, Tmall merchants and influencers in generating marketing copy, training exclusive AI models, etc., making products quickly popularized.

Public information shows that the developer of ‘Huiwa’ is Hangzhou Lianfan Information Technology Co., Ltd., while business registration information shows that this company is 100% owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (China).

Pinduoduo‘s revenue in the third quarter of last year was 688.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 93.9%. Net profit was 15.54 billion yuan, with a net profit margin of 22.6%. The stock price has been soaring subsequently and on November 29th surpassed Alibaba Group Holding Limited to become the largest Chinese concept stock by market value in the US stock market. In response to this, Jack Ma replied to employees on Alibaba‘s intranet: The AI e-commerce era is just beginning, it is an opportunity and a challenge for everyone.

Currently, it seems that top e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba Group Holding Limited have already begun large-scale investments in the AI e-commerce field. For example, Baidu Inc., launched the ‘Baidu Optimal Merchant’ at the end of last year under its AI e-commerce platform ‘Baidu Optimal’, while Douyin’s massive engine also introduced an all-in-one e-commerce intelligent creation platform called ‘Instant Creation’. Previously, Pinduoduo is building an AI team to develop AI products for overseas markets like Temu and domestic e-commerce scenarios.

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