Alibaba Denies the Rumor of ‘Laying Off 25,000 Employees’

Recently, there has been speculation online about Alibaba Group Holding Limited planning to lay off 25,000 employees. In response to this, Alibaba clarified on November 19th that ‘the rumors of layoffs are false one after another.’ It is understood that Alibaba has reported to the police regarding these rumors.

According to reports, this is not the first time that rumors of layoffs at Alibaba Group Holding Limited and its subsidiaries have been spread. Throughout this year, there have been continuous exaggerated rumors of ‘massive layoffs’ circulating online. Although over time, these rumors have been proven to be unfounded, whenever such rumors emerge, there are always people intentionally or unintentionally spreading panic.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited had previously debunked rumors of layoffs at the end of May. Over the past two months, some bloggers who had spread or reposted rumors about ‘massive layoffs’ on social media have also issued clarifications and apologies, urging other media outlets and self-media to proactively delete related content in order to maintain a clean online space.

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