Launches “Digital Seaport” Program to Help Cross-Border Merchants, a leading e-commerce marketplace operated by Hangzhou-based internet giant Alibaba, recently launched the “Digital Seaport” program, aimed at helping cross-border merchants better cope with the risks and challenges posed by the pandemic.

The plan further opens up digital foreign trade services that have accumulated over many years to help cross-border merchants achieve stable operations. A range of services including logistics, cross-border collection and compliance guarantees covers all aspects of cross-border trade.

Some merchants who tried this service said that only members on could access it, although this year, logistics, finance and other services are open to all cross-border merchants. In this regard, some industry service providers believe that foreign trade is under pressure this year, and that online platforms have many new opportunities and dividends. However, the new policies are not well understood at present, so it is suggested that the platform should strengthen publicity so that more cross-border merchants can enjoy greater digital convenience.

The official website shows that, established in 1999, is a global platform for international foreign trade and the B2B cross-border trade industry, with more than 150 million registered members. It launched “ Pay” in April, which mainly serves small and medium-sized business customers engaged in cross-border foreign trade. The initiative is aimed at becoming the world’s leading business-oriented cross-border financial service.

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