Announces the Full Launch of Localization Operations

On September 14th, announced that it will fully initiate localization operations. This means conducting in-depth research on the characteristics of different countries and markets, and assisting Chinese sellers in operating their businesses more professionally and precisely in their respective markets through methods such as launching national pavilions. The aim is to attract more accurate customers and further expand business growth.

The investment promotion targeting the B2B (business-to-business) market in Southeast Asia has already begun. Qin Fen, the head of’s industry and merchant business department, revealed: “In just two weeks, over 5,000 industrial and trade-oriented domestic merchants have flocked to the platform, vying for a share of the Southeast Asian market.”

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There have been reports that is intensifying its efforts in the Southeast Asian B2B market. In fact, Southeast Asia is just the beginning of’s localization strategy for international operations. Currently, they have also started attracting merchants for the European market, which differs from the Southeast Asian market as it focuses on products that meet local certification qualifications. They will also expand into multiple countries in the Americas in the future.