Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain Help Malaysia to Ease Traffic

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) announced plans to introduce Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain. Artificial intelligence will be fully applied to the Malaysia transportation management, urban planning, environmental protection and other fields. In the first phase, AI will be applied to 281 road crossings in Kuala Lumpur. By adjusting traffic lights, detecting traffic accidents and ensuring emergency vehicle priority, AI will relieve the traffic in Kuala Lumpur.

In the first stage, 281 intersections in Kuala Lumpur will be connected to City Brain. Artificial intelligence will not only control traffic in a comprehensive way, speed up the traffic, but also will provide green lights for emergency vehicles. In addition, artificial intelligence will also locate where traffic accidents occur through road cameras, which will provide references for traffic lights, and provide comprehensive guidance for transportation departments.

In the future, Malaysia City Brain will become an open artificial intelligence platform. MDEC and Alibaba Cloud will inspire more artificial intelligence Apps based on urban brain platform.

Official sources showed this is another step forward after opening the Alibaba Cloud-Malaysia platform three months ago. This is the first time that Kuala Lumpur has used artificial intelligence to comprehensively adjust the city. Air Asia and Touch & Go are already Alibaba Cloud customers in Malaysia. Through cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, Air Asia can use artificial intelligence to prevent ticket scalpers from buying Air Asia tickets and reselling them to consumers at higher price. Its cooperation with Alibaba Cloud has made Touch & Go the most widely used electronic payment card in Malaysia. Its electronic wallet service relies on the Alibaba Cloud-Malaysia Platform.

Alibaba Cloud said ET City Brain has been applied to the seven domestic cities such as Hangzhou, Suzhou and Quzhou. In some places, ET City Brain has lowered the travel time by 15 percent, and the time for ambulance to arrive at the scene by half. Globally, Alibaba Cloud has built a cloud computing network available in 34 sites in 17 regions.

Market Share

According to IDC market statistics, Alibaba Cloud occupied more than 47 percent market share in China in 2016, exceeding the total proportion of all followers. In the global market, Gartner data shows that Alibaba Cloud ranks third behind Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

This article originally appeared in NetEase Technology and was translated by Pandaily.