Alibaba Becomes the World’s Most Valuable Non-US Retail Brand

In recent research conducted by a marketing and communications group WPP and consulting firm Kantar, Alibaba was named the most valuable non-US retail brand in the world.

According to their ranking, Alibaba managed to outpace global names like McDonald’s, Nike and Louis Vuitton, becoming the only Asian company in the top 10. The global e-commerce behemoth was valued at roughly $131,2 billion in 2018, almost twice as much as the year before. And while Amazon is still considered number one, authors of the research noted that it “is not the only game in town”.

Alibaba company
Alibaba company (Image Source: Internet)

Alibaba, the leading Chinese retail brand, has been mentioned in the WPP and Kantar ranking before, but had never climbed this high. The company is considered a global technology and innovation leader, whose revenues are comparable to (if not bigger than) those of Amazon. During its 2018 Singles’ Day sale Alibaba racked up whopping $30.8 billion, while Amazon only earned roughly $4 million on its biggest sale day.

Featured Image Source: Alizila