AntChain Releases First Self-developed Blockchain Security Chip, the T1

At today’s Apsara Conference, AntChain, the blockchain technology arm of Ant Group, officially released the T1, its first self-developed chip. The chip is equipped with the high-performance T-Head’s open source RISC-V-based Xuantie series processors, and will be applied to AntChain’s self-developed software and hardware equipment, such as the AntChain Station, in the future.

The T1 security chip is mainly used in IoT devices. By establishing a secure execution environment, it can resist various software and hardware attacks and increase system security. The T1 digitally signs and verifies the integrity of key data through blockchain technology, thus realizing the software and hardware technology innovation of “blockchain + security chip”.

Before the release, AntChain applied a software development kit (SDK), a blockchain module and other technologies to commercial vehicle smart-terminals and new energy batteries to realize the trusted link between physical assets and the blockchain. The release of T1 makes that connection safer and more intact.

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IoT technology is also one of the core technologies owned by AntChain. At present, the company has over 50 patents related to “IoT + blockchain”.