Xiaohongshu Releases New Feature of AIGC

The popular Chinese app “Xiaohongshu” recently launched a new feature called “Moment,” which allows users to publish text-only notes. According to the official WeChat account of Xiaohongshu, this new feature supports the publication of pure text content.

But for now, don’t misunderstand that it can only post text like Weibo. “Moment” simply means that AI images are replacing your choices.

After clicking on the “Moment” function, users can use AI-generated images provided by the platform as illustrations for their notes. During the specific generation process, users can choose between “Notebook,” “Express Emotions,” or “Vent Frustrations,” which represent different styles of images.

In addition, users can also choose to “doodle” for simple drawing, and AI will generate new images based on the drawings.

According to the information, it is understood that this feature has been fully launched in the latest version and is available for all users.

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In May of this year, Xiaohongshu has been preparing for an independent large-scale model team since March. The core members are from the NLP technology team in the advertising business, and there are also multiple independent departments simultaneously exploring the implementation of AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content). In April of this year, Xiaohongshu launched an AIGC application called “Trik”. Xiaohongshu has not responded to the above news and has maintained a low-profile attitude.

But in the case of having the gene for content production, it is not surprising that Xiaohongshu has launched this feature. In fact, popular Miya Camera also had a cold start on Xiaohongshu. The platform’s recommendation algorithm and young users determine that AI startup projects can get a “tap water” treatment.

Moreover, large-scale models have become a “competition” that every internet company must face.

In July of this year, Bilibili conducted an internal test of the “Search AI Assistant” feature. When users enter a question in the search box or input “?” within their search query, they can receive a generated answer provided by an AI. The answer is accompanied by relevant reference videos. This feature is supported by Bilibili‘s bilibiliindex large-scale model.

Guangfa Securities’ research report points out that in the field of content communities, with the development and maturity of large-scale Chinese language models, it is expected that AI will assist in generating user-generated content (UGC) and multimodal derivatives, significantly improving the efficiency of platform content production. However, at present, this new feature launched on platforms like Xiaohongshu is only a first step attempt. How to conduct deeper exploration and generate commercial value remains a question that the industry needs to collectively consider.