AI Specialist Kneron Launches World’s First Edge AI Platform KNEO

Kneron, a leading manufacturer of terminal artificial intelligence, held a developer conference on July 20 in Taiwan and announced the debut of the world’s first edge AI platform KNEO.

According to the conference, the platform will be open to everyone in a form similar to Apple’s iOS App Store. It combines edge AI devices with blockchain technology to create secure and private personal networks and allows consumers to upload various AI applications developed by themselves for other developers to download for a fee. Kneron will take a cut from it.

Liu Juncheng, the founder and CEO of Kneron, said at the conference that the goal is to achieve AI popularization and to create an ecosystem where everyone is an AI engineer.

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The conference also announced that Kneron will launch a new generation of AI chips, and product details, scenario applications, and partner manufacturers will be officially announced at the end of August.

Founded in 2015, Kneron is a deep learning product developer committed to simplifying the deep learning algorithm, computing, and processing on terminal hardware devices. Kneron completed its A round of financing in November 2017. Investors include Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, China Development Capital International (CDIB), Himax Technologies, Inc., and Qualcomm. On May 31, 2018, Kneron completed its A1 round of financing led by Li Ka-Shing’s Horizons Ventures, according to the company’s website. In February this year, Kneron completed an A++ round of financing, raising $40 million, according to Chinese enterprise information query site Qcc.