Agilines Scores Tens of Millions of Yuan in Seed Round Financing Led by Lightspeed China

Digital platform developer Agilines recently announced its completion of a seed round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan, led by Lightspeed China Partners and followed by Sequoia China Seed Fund, Miracle Automation Engineering and Fanshi Fund. The investments are to be allocated for further product research and development, market expansion and team growth.

Against the background of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, the product R&D cycle of automobiles is getting shorter and shorter, and the cooperation of engineers urgently needs to be improved.

PCP (Product Collaboration Platform), the core product of Agilines, is a digital R&D platform equipped with PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and CAD SaaS tools, which can support high-end manufacturing industries such as automobiles and aerospace to realize efficient digital transformation and improve the collaborative efficiency of engineers.

Agilines has reached cooperation arrangements with mainstream automobile makers and parts manufacturers in less than one year since its establishment. It mainly obtains customers directly through its own channels, and will consider direct sales through online platforms in the future.

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The core founding team of Agilines has over 10 years of experience in industrial software and enterprise information services. Founder and CEO Wang Shengjun was vice president of digital business development at NIO and CIO of Jaguar Land Rover China and Asia Pacific. Its co-founder Pan Jia and Wang Hao have more than 15 years of experience in commercial software.