A Chinese Company Encourages Employees to Sell Their BMW Cars

Recently, at Auto Shanghai, BMW MINI was accused of treating Chinese and foreign visitors differently by only giving ice cream to foreigners. On April 21st in Suzhou, China, rumors have it that a certain company has issued a notice requiring employees who drive BMW branded vehicles to sell them within one month and replace them with domestic cars.

The company will provide a cash reward of ¥20,000 RMB (about $2,900 USD) for those who comply. Employees who fail to dispose of their BMW vehicles within one month will be dismissed. This has attracted widespread attention.

“There is such a situation where the company’s notification was received via mobile phone text messages.” On the 22nd, an employee of the company responded that they did receive this notification, but since there are only a dozen or so people in the company and no one drives a BMW, there is suspicion of hype.

Previously, the company’s operator Mr. Liu had responded that the situation was true and the reason for issuing the notice was due to the impact of the “BMW MINI ice cream incident in Auto Shanghai”, which led some employees to order domestic branded vehicles.

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A senior executive of the company responded by saying that the company did not issue this notice. “We have issued a statement explaining the situation, proving that this is false information. The employee’s claim on the internet may be someone impersonating our company’s staff.”

Some netizens expressed that although they were outraged by the incident of BMW MINI treating visitors differently, the company has no right to require employees to drive a certain brand of vehicle.

It is the employee’s right to choose what car model to purchase, and the company should not interfere. If this incident is used as a basis for dismissing employees, it would be a violation of labor laws.