5G Smartphone Shipments to Exceed 4G in Fourth Quarter

According to a report released by Strategy Analytics on Monday, the shipments of 5G smartphones will exceed those of 4G smartphones in the fourth quarter of this year. Although the global chip shortage has challenged the growth of the industry, it is expected that the situation will gradually improve next year and completely return to normal in 2023.

In terms of manufacturers, Strategy Analytics said that Apple will be the world’s largest shipper of 5G smartphones this year and next. Xiaomi will take second place this year but might be overtaken by Samsung next year. Lenovo (including Motorola) and Realme have shown the fastest growth rate.

According to the revenue of 5G smartphones, in the third quarter of this year, Apple’s iPhone series accounted for 50% of the revenue of 5G smartphones, followed by Samsung’s 17%, OPPO’s 7.5% and Xiaomi‘s 7.4%, while Huawei has dropped to less than 1%.

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Among the TOP100 5G smartphone models with highest sales volume in the world, 13 models are from OPPO, followed by Xiaomi‘s 12, Samsung’s 11, Vivo’s 11, Apple’s 8, Honor’s 5 and Huawei’s 3.