3D Imaging Technology Firm VOMMA Secures Pre-A+ Round Financing

VOMMA, a light field 3D imaging technology enterprise, announced on Wednesday that it had completed a Pre-A+ round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan. The deal was exclusively invested by Matrix Partners.

Founded in 2019, VOMMA is a leading provider of high-performance light field imaging systems in China. Relying on Shanghai Jiaotong University, VOMMA has overcome many technical challenges in the light field and mastered the core technologies of the necessary chain of technologies, including optical design, micro-nano processing, and packaging. The company has also built up expertise in the field of chips, light field algorithms, 3D industrial software, and other areas.

The company took the lead in formulating industry standards for light field cameras in China and its series of products have been successfully tested and verified by many other leading enterprises. Their products and services have been put into use in batches in several industrial assembly lines, effectively helping industrial customers to improve their production quality and increase overall economic benefits.

The VOMMA light field camera is able to complete a 3D information recording of the light field in a single shot while enabling the accurate inspection of special products. In the field of screen inspections, VOMMA’s light field cameras are able to detect defects such as screen scratches, determine the location of defects on the screen, and provide a thorough defect analysis. The technology’s missed detection rate of internal defects is less than 0.1%.

In the field of chip packaging and testing, VOMMA light field cameras help customers determine whether or not there are microscopic defects such as broken wires and failing wires. Its UPH (unit per hour) as been tested to reach more than 10,000 pieces with a missed detection rate of less than 0.01%. In the field of lithium batteries, VOMMA’s light field cameras can overcome the obstruction of vision in order to highlight the characteristics of scratch defects.

At present, VOMMA has launched a variety of different models of its light field camera products such as the LF0104, LF0206, LF0312, LF0412 and LF0506. The company has applied for more than 50 patents and has been granted more than 10 patents, all of which are core patents in the light field.

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VOMMA said that the funds raised will be mainly used to increase its strategic investment in marketing and expansion of new product lines so as to accelerate the expansion of the light field in key areas of the 3D automated inspection market, such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, VR/AR, new energy and aerospace.