360 CEO Zhou Hongyi: Safety Technologies Developed at Hozon Auto Will Be Extended to the Whole Industry

The 2021 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference was held in Beijing on Saturday, the world’s largest professional exhibition on intelligent networked and new energy vehicles, with many first-class enterprises participating both from within China and from abroad.

Zhou Hongyi, founder and CEO of the internet security company Qihoo 360 Technology, said at the conference that mature safety technologies that developed on Hozon Auto will be extended the whole industry in the future.

On Saturday evening, Zhou wrote on Weibo, saying that “Qihoo 360 Technology is not only a promoter of smart car safety technology, but also a participant. This year, Qihoo 360 Technology invested in Hozon Auto, hoping to recombine our Internet technologies with automobile manufacturers. We hope to develop Hozon Auto as a test field for smart car safety technology, and will extend the mature technology researched at Hozon Auto to other automobile companies in the future. “

In May this year, Qihoo 360 Technology announced its cooperation with Hozon Auto to build their own smart vehicles. In July, Zhou said in an interview, “Smart electric vehicles can be built below 150,000 yuan ($23,196), and cars below this price account for about 70% of the total sales of all models in China. If this market is not fully developed, it means that smart electric vehicles will always be niche products.”

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According to its official website, Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Beijing. It is the largest provider of Internet and mobile security products and services in China. The company listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2011.