2024 New Voyah Dreamer: Setting a New Mileage Benchmark

On October 12th, the 2024 Voyah Dreamer was officially launched, offering four models with Plug-in Hybrid EV and EV power options. The official prices range from 330,000 yuan to 630,000 yuan.

Aesthetically, the new model is positioned as the “Dreamy Moving Castle”, inheriting the original design inspired by the story of a giant mythical bird called “Kunpeng” spreading its wings, soaring into the sky. In practice, the new Voyah Dreamer breaks multiple industry records with features such as the longest range, strongest power output, shortest braking distance, lowest CLTC fuel consumption, and the highest top speed among its competitors.

The launch of Voyah Dreamer marks a further intensified market competition for high-end new-energy MPVs.

Performance Overview

The 2024 Voyah Dreamer PHEV version of the CLTC has a pure electric range of up to 236km, making it the longest electric range among existing hybrid MPV models. Its comprehensive range reaches an impressive 1231km, surpassing its competitors. The pure electric model, CLTC, has an increased range of 650km.

Among existing vehicles at the same price range, Voyah Dreamer is the only one equipped with an intelligent electric four-wheel drive system as standard across all trims. This system allows for intelligent and seamless adjustment of torque distribution from 0-100% between the front and rear motors. Even when fully loaded, it maintains ample power and enhances safety on wet or slippery roads.

Additionally, it is also the only one among its competitors to feature a million-level magic carpet air suspension combined with CDC (Continuous Damping Control). This configuration even exceeds that of some million-level MPV models, providing consumers with a luxurious flagship sedan-like driving experience.

Equipped with Lanhai Power’s new hybrid engine technology, Voyah Dreamer achieves a remarkable thermal efficiency of up to 45.18%, which is currently the highest in the industry. At the same time, the CLTC boasts a fuel consumption rate as low as 5.36L per hundred kilometers traveled – truly delivering both high-performance four-wheel drive capabilities and efficient energy consumption comparable to two-wheel drive vehicles.

In terms of power performance, the 2024 Voyah Dreamer leads its class in terms of total power output, total torque output, zero-to-hundred acceleration time, and top speed.

Equipped with the new hybrid engine, the 2024 Voyah Dreamer can output a total system power of 420 kW and a total system torque of 840 N·m. The top speed is 203 km/h. Within 5.9 seconfs, it can accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour, comparable to million-dollar V8 sedans and SUVs. Whether in scenarios of quick starts during city driving, or high-speed overtaking and traversing mountain roads, it can handle them all with ease. At the same time, it is equipped with the only standard torque vector control intelligent four-wheel drive system in its class, solving travel problems in extreme environments.

Not only does it achieve the strongest power among same-level MPVs, but it also solves the “range anxiety” of many drivers. The PHEV version, for example, is equipped with a 43-degree large-capacity lithium battery, which has the longest pure electric range of CLTC 236km in its class. Calculated based on a daily commute of 40km, one charge can meet the weekly commuting needs within the city. Calculated at an electricity price of 0.8-1.8 yuan per kilowatt-hour at charging stations, the charging cost for the PHEV version with a 43-degree battery is as low as just over 30 yuan, equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee for weekday commuting expenses. In addition, under CLTC conditions, taking the trip from Wuhan to Shenzhen as an example, completing the entire journey with full fuel and full electric power would be an easy task, making waiting in line for charging at highway service stations a thing of history.

Driving Experience

Among the same-level MPVs, the new Voyah Dreamer is the only one equipped with a front double-wishbone plus rear five-link all-aluminum chassis, which provides better lateral support and bring a good driving experience in various driving conditions such as acceleration, turning, and bumps. Moreover, the aluminum alloy suspension designed for luxury models also has the characteristics of lightweight and high strength.

As the only model among its competitors equipped with a million-level magic carpet air suspension plus CDC, the new Voyah Dreamer’s air suspension can achieve adjustable lifting of up to 60mm. It can also achieve active intelligent adjustment of suspension stiffness. The ADAS system’s front camera scans road data 5-15 meters ahead of the vehicle to identify special road conditions such as speed bumps and humps in advance.

In addition, the 2024 new Voyah Dreamer is further equipped with an ultra-intelligent interactive system that includes convenient interaction functions such as an intelligent four-audio-zone voice interaction system and super-precision gesture recognition interaction system for smoother human-machine interaction. With 25 intelligent driver assistance functions, it possesses level L2.5 intelligent driving assistance capability to make travel easier.

Facing difficulties parking large vehicles in narrow parking spaces, this new model is further equipped with APA full-scene automatic parking and RPA full-scene remote control parking functions for users. Not only does it cover more parking scenarios but users can also use remote control parking function to easily handle all kinds of parking situations with just one click.

Safety Features

At present, Voyah Dreamer is the only new-energy MPV model in the industry to receive a five-star certification from C-NCAP (2021 regulations, 2023 revised edition), and it has been equipped with top-notch safety features. The vehicle is equipped with 23 hardware sensors, 14 active safety functions, including DMS fatigue monitoring system, 540° ultra-clear panoramic imaging + transparent chassis, all-weather battery protection system, ensuring timely response to emergencies.

The new Voyah Dreamer achieves the shortest braking distance of 35.79 meters among its peers. It also adopts the world’s first 2000MPa ultra-high strength cage-type body structure, which is as strong as aircraft landing gears. Moreover, high-strength steel plus aluminum alloy accounts for up to 79% of the materials used.

The new Voyah Dreamer achieves the shortest braking distance in its class, measuring 35.79 meters. It also features a globally pioneering 2000MPa ultra-high strength cage-type body structure, which is comparable to aircraft landing gear in terms of strength. Additionally, the body structure consists of a seven-fold front collision protection and a five-layer rear-end collision protection design. In high-speed rear-end collisions, it can absorb energy and suppress the intrusion of collision energy, fully protecting the safety of rear passengers and withstanding impacts at speeds up to 110 km/h. With multiple safety designs, the 2024 Voyah Dreamer is no doubt an MPV model that parents can trust to let their children sit in the third row.

Lu Fang, CEO of Voyah Motor said, “As the pioneer of high-end new energy MPVs, Voyah Motor has always insisted on providing users with high-quality products, taking problems for ourselves and leaving beauty to the users. In the future, Voyah will continue to focus on its users and continuously enrich our high-end new energy product lineup.”