2024 Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition Commences, Open to AI for the First Time

On March 14, 2024, the Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition opened for registration.

The biggest innovation of this year’s competition is that it is open to AI for the first time, inviting global AI large models to challenge the competition’s difficult questions, preparing to stimulate the mathematical potential of humans and AI with a two-way rush.

In this competition, the preliminary round will be held from April 13-14. The participating AI models will face the challenge of the preliminary round questions online together with human contestants. The organizing committee will focus on evaluating the AI models’ understanding of the questions, accuracy of logical reasoning, and problem-solving ability. To ensure fair competition and avoid cases of humans taking the test on behalf of the AI, participants need to submit their model code before the competition for verification and reproduction. The top three AI teams in the final score ranking will receive prizes of $10,000, $5,000, and $2,000, respectively.

The Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition, co-hosted by Alibaba Public Welfare and Damo Academy, is known for its no registration threshold and full of fun. This year is the sixth edition, and it has grown into the largest online mathematics competition in the world, attracting a total of 250,000 participants from five continents, more than 70 countries and regions, eagerly challenging.

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