Zhihu to Invest Nearly 100M Yuan in Content Creation Incentives

On Wednesday, Chinese digital Q&A platform Zhihu announced the launch of the fourth phase of its “Sea Salt Program,” promulgating a series of measures covering creation systems, traffic flow support and revenue, so as to encourage in-depth content creation in vertical fields in all aspects.

Zhihu announced that it will invest nearly 100 million yuan ($14.8 million) as initial funds in 2022, and that it will provide financial rewards other than commercialization for creators who persistently plow deep in vertical fields and popularize knowledge-based content.

Neo Zhang, the vice president of strategy and head of community business at Zhihu, explained that “deep cultivation in the field” refers to quality content that focuses on in-depth creation in vertical fields. “Creators for in-depth vertical content share three things in common: Researchers with relevant professional backgrounds, industry practitioners with relevant career experiences, and enthusiasts with deep vertical interests.”

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The platform’s “Sea Salt Program 4.0” optimizes its traffic distribution mechanism. Through the two traffic engines of content cold start and continuous weighting, Zhihu will tilt traffic flow towards high-quality content and achieve a maximum traffic growth of five times for a single piece of content.

In addition, seven new rights have been added to Zhihu‘s Creation Rights and Interests statement, including “Advanced Data of Content Analysis” and “Portrait of Followers,” to provide a better creative experience for users of different levels.