Zhihu Denies Using Behavior Perception System to Monitor Employees

A picture of a system that monitors employees’ intentions of leaving the company has been circulating online. News emerged that Zhihu, a Chinese Q&A community, has used the system to monitor employee’s visits to job-seeking websites and the number of resumes they have submitted.

Zhihu has never installed nor used the behavior perception system, and will not use such software in the future,” Zhihu‘s spokesperson said.

The behavior perception system was developed by Sangfor, a listed security company that enjoys over 100,000 consumers. The company focuses on enterprise-level network security, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, basic networking and the Internet of Things. The company has three sub-brands: Sangfor Network Security, Sangfor Cloud Computing and Sangfor Infrastructure.

In terms of the screenshot of the system, Zhihu said it is not clear about its authenticity, adding that the company has always firmly opposed this kind of system that illegally collects personal information.

Zhihu, which is planning a second listing in Hong Kong, has recently been through a storm of layoffs. Some insiders said that as many as 50% of the company’s video department had been let go. Zhihu denies the rumors of layoffs.

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