Zhang Yimou Will Direct the Film Adaptation of ‘The Three-Body Problem’

At the opening forum of the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival held on the morning of June 16, Wang Changtian, Chairman of Beijing Enlight Media, officially announced that the film ‘The Three-Body Problem,’ jointly developed by Beijing Enlight Media and ‘Three-Body Universe,’ will be directed by Zhang Yimou.

The Three-Body Trilogy is the representative work of science fiction writer Liu Cixin. The first book, “The Three-Body Problem,” was published in 2006 and won the Hugo Award for Best Novel at the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention. In 2008 and 2010, “The Dark Forest” and “Death’s End” were also published, forming a trilogy.

“The Three-Body Problem” tells the story of the exchange of information between Earth’s human civilization and the Trisolaran civilization, their struggles for survival, and the rise and fall of both civilizations in the universe. The work features a large number of distinctive characters such as Ye Wenjie, Wang Miao, Shi Qiang, Luo Ji, Zhang Beihai, and Yun Tianming. The “Three-Body Problem” trilogy is considered a masterpiece of Chinese science fiction literature. However, due to its vast cosmic scope and complex plot, adapting it into a movie presents many challenges. Previous attempts by domestic directors have failed.

Some media outlets have expressed high expectations for this adaptation directed by Zhang Yimou.

In January 2023, the TV series “The Three-Body Problem” was aired, sparking a craze for binge-watching. Before the TV series went online, other works in the Three-Body Universe had been released, including the radio drama and audiobook of “The Three-Body Problem” launched in 2019, the animated series “My Three-Body” which has already aired three seasons, and “The Worldview of The Three-Body Problem” published in 2022. According to the official website of the Three-Body Universe, apart from the currently airing animated series “The Three-Body Problem,” there are plans for upcoming Chinese drama episodes of “The Three-Body Problem,” an in-depth analysis program called “Decoding The Three-Body Problem,” and also plans for Season Four of “My Three Body” to be released in 24.

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As a well-known Chinese science fiction intellectual property (IP), trademark protection for The Three Body universe has also attracted attention.

Three-Body Universe (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. has applied to register over a hundred ‘Three Body’ trademarks, with the earliest application in May 2016. The international classifications involve scientific instruments, education and entertainment, medicine, furniture, etc., and most of the current trademark statuses are registered. The company has also applied to register over 30 ‘THREE BODY’ trademarks, involving international classifications such as scientific instruments, transportation storage, clothing and footwear; among them, 18 have been successfully registered. In addition, the company holds copyrights for 14 related artistic and written works under ‘Three Body,’ as well as registration for intellectual property operation system software copyright.