Zhang Nan Resigns as CEO of Douyin Group to Focus on ByteDance’s CapCut

On February 7, Zhang Nan, CEO of Douyin Group, officially announced her resignation as Group CEO on WeChat, and will focus on the development of the Bytedance product CapCut in the future.

Liang Rubo, CEO of ByteDance, expressed his gratitude for Zhang Nan’s contributions and breakthroughs in leading China’s information platform business and looks forward to her continued efforts in her new position. It is reported that Zhang Nan will continue to report to Liang Rubo.

Zhang Nan, who has a start-up background, once developed a photo community app. Her company was later acquired by ByteDance, and she officially joined ByteDance with her team in 2014. She was one of the founding elders of Douyin and drove Douyin’s development “from 0 to 1”. In 2020, Zhang Nan became Douyin’s first female CEO, fully responsible for Douyin, Volcano, market brands, and other businesses.

A person close to CapCut told The News, a Chinese media, that over the past year, Zhang Nan has devoted the majority of her energy to CapCut related business and personally led the team to seek breakthroughs in AI-assisted creation. She is about to launch a product that generates images and videos with AI.

A person close to Douyin Group revealed to reporters that as all businesses are nearing maturity, after Zhang Nan’s resignation, the company has no plans to appoint a new CEO. The group’s business will be managed by Han Shangyou, head of Douyin, Zhang Chao, head of Tomato Novel and Toutiao, Wei Wenwen, head of Douyin E-commerce, Pu Yanzier, head of Douyin Life Services, and Zhao Xiuying, head of Douyin Advertising Business. As the president of Douyin, Han Shangyou will coordinate all main businesses related to Douyin.

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