Zeekr Responds to Accident Injuring 5 People: Did Not Activate Display Mode, Will Be Cautious

On the afternoon of March 24, at the 2024 Nanjing International New Energy Vehicle Exhibition, a Zeekr display car collided with multiple people and other brand’s display cars inside the exhibition hall.

A video circulating online shows a gray vehicle crashing directly into a BYD new energy vehicle being displayed in the exhibition hall, with a driver inside the gray car. Beside the vehicles, there are personnel wearing work badges and a boy lying on the ground unable to get up. A man who claimed to be related to the child knocked on the car window and questioned why they hit someone.

According to JSTV, reporters contacted the venue on the evening of the 24th. The staff stated that after the incident occurred, public security and hospitals quickly rushed to the scene for disposal. A total of 5 people were sent to hospital, as of press time, 4 people have left the hospital without major issues while one adult remains hospitalized for observation. The participants in the driving experience were only frightened and also had no major issues. The accident was caused by misoperation by the exhibitor and failure to set the vehicle to display mode, resulting in abnormal vehicle startup and crashing into a nearby booth.

Regarding this matter, in response to this incident, Zeekr posted a ‘Statement on the Nanjing Auto Show Vehicle Accident’ on its official Weibo account.

The statement pointed out that, after self-inspection and confirmation, due to the mismanagement of the exhibited vehicles, the exhibition vehicles were not opened in exhibition mode as required but remained in parking comfort mode with the car key within effective use range. Currently, Zeekr has urgently initiated a nationwide self-inspection of exhibition vehicles to avoid similar risks. We will learn from this incident, take it as a warning, further strengthen internal operational management and personnel safety awareness training. Thank you for the concern and supervision of our users.

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The following is the full statement:

On March 24th, at a car exhibition in Nanjing, a Zeekr X display vehicle accidentally started during user experience, resulting in injuries to 5 spectators on the scene and damage to adjacent exhibit vehicles. The organizers have cleared the venue for safety.

After the incident, Zeekr staff promptly reported to authorities and transported the injured for medical treatment while actively assisting them. Currently, it has been confirmed that all 5 spectators are not in life-threatening condition. Three of them have been discharged after examination with no issues, while the other two with minor injuries are still undergoing further checks at the hospital. We are also actively negotiating with relevant parties such as the car exhibition organizers to handle follow-up matters properly.

Through self-inspection, it was confirmed that due to mismanagement of exhibit vehicles, the display vehicle was not put into display mode as required but remained in parking comfort mode with keys within effective range. Zeekr has urgently initiated nationwide inspections of display vehicles to prevent similar risks. We will learn from this incident and strengthen internal operational management and personnel safety awareness training. Thank you for your concern and supervision from our users.