Yuanfudao Rolls Out STEAM Teaching App Pumpkin Science

On Wednesday, Yuanfudao, an online education company, launched Pumpkin Science, a new style of education for science enlightenment, marking a transition in what and how education is taught.

Pumpkin Science was jointly established by the R&D Teams of Yuanfudao and Zebra, and started trial operations in May 2020. Most of its users were introduced by seed users.

Ma Bin, head of Pumpkin Science, said, “The scientifically graded teaching and research system, intriguing and engaging product experience, and personalized user services, are the three main engines for the rapid development of Pumpkin Science.”

The cultivation and promotion of science-related subjectsis crucial in China’s education for all. According to the characteristics of each child’s ability, Pumpkin Science has worked out a graded progression system, which integrates the STEAM educational concept to meet children’s growth needs at all stages.

This new app intends to help parents answer their children’s questions as scientifically and reasonably as possible. The concept of Pumpkin Science came from the need for real life education and extends from the computer to the real world.

In addition, its products also include scientific picture books, experimental inquiry, life development, science radio, exclusive question and answer, and other featuresall intended to encourage children to ask questions and then actively pursue a solution to a given problem. This method of problem solving is meant to stimulate children’s interest and enthusiasm for scientific inquiry.

Pumpkin Science combines interactive, online, AI-teaching with offline hands-on practice inquiry, providing a scene-based and immersive exploration experience.

Ma Bin further explained, “Pumpkin Science is committed to helping children systematically foster inquisitiveness, establish a scientific way of thinking, master basic scientific inquiry methods, and have the ability to analyze and judge things and solve practical problems.”

Despite Pumpkin Science, Yuanfudao, which was founded in 2012, has also been exploring a series of quality education products including Yuanbiancheng and Zebra.

In March this year, Zebra, a brand of children’s enlightenment education under Yuanfudao, officially launched arts courses. Before that, Zebra had already rolled out three subjects: English, Mathematical Thinking and Chinese.

Yuanfudao announced in July that it would cooperate with Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games to launch sports courses and with the WWF to launch wildlife protection courses.

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Faced with strict government supervision in recent days, many educational and training institutions have adjusted their business focus. For example, Better Me, a hosting brand under TAL, started to provide services such as after-school transportation, meals, homework in class, and self-starting initiative services.