Yinguan Semiconductor Secures Over 200 Million Yuan in Strategic Financing

On August 18, Yinguan Semiconductor announced that it held a strategic financing completion event at its Shanghai base. This round of financing was led by CCB Investment and Juntong Capital, and was followed by angel investors Jizi Investment, Addor Investment, Costone Capital, Fujian Zhanxin and Grit Ventures. The investment exceeded 200 million yuan.

This is the third round of financing for Yinguan Semiconductor. The funds are earmarked for the deepening of its R&D for high-end precision equipment of semiconductors, increase the company’s production line capacity, open up markets and recruit new staff. In April 2021, the company completed a Pre-A round of financing valued at  150 million yuan.

Yinguan Semiconductor was established in 2019 by the Ultra-precision Sports and Testing Team of Fudan University. It focuses on the research and development of key components of semiconductor equipment. The company makes use of its technical advantages in the fields of precision motion control and detection to create  products that meet the needs of end users while being able to build at scale.

The company now has two bases in Shanghai and in Wujiang, Suzhou, and has built up four production lines, namely precision motion platforms, specialized motors, piezoelectric products and drive control products. The company’s products are equipped with advanced precision motion control test platforms and boasts a batch of special tools.

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According to its official website, since its establishment two years ago, Yinguan Semiconductor has attracted more than 100 outstanding recruits in the semiconductor field at home and abroad while applying for 88 related intellectual property rights and obtaining R&D and production orders totaling over 100 million yuan. Its products have been put to use within large-scale production lines for integrated circuit enterprises in China.