XPeng Unveils Interior of G9 SUV Model

On August 10, Chinese new energy automobile enterprise XPeng released official interior photos of the G9, a medium to large SUV model. The new car adopts a brand-new interior style, equipped with three screens and with a built-in 8155 chip. It has opened for pre-orders and will be officially launched in September, with delivery to start in Q4 of this year.

G9 (Source: XPeng Motors)

The steering wheel adopted by XPeng‘s G9 model is double-spoke flat-bottomed design, and three screens are interconnected in the car. The all-liquid crystal display dashboard adopts an embedded design, and the 14.96-inch central control screen and 14.96-inch co-pilot screen adopts a dual screen design. It can realize a four-tone zone locking function and can be used without a network connection.

(Source: XPeng Motors)

In terms of its configuration, the XPeng G9 is equipped with two wireless charging panels, a cup holder and Dana speakers, which adopts Dolby Atmos panoramic sound technology, delivering a full-scenario 5D experience. There are 28 speakers in the whole car, and the power amplifier reaches 2250 watts. The second row of seats is equipped with leg rests, heating and massage functions, and electrically adjusted backrests.

In terms of automated driving, the new model is equipped with XPeng‘s self-developed XPILOT intelligent auxiliary driving system with dual lidar and dual Orin chips. In addition, the car integrates the 5D concept into the intelligent cockpit, realizing the call and linkage of multi-sensory intelligent functions in the car in various use scenarios.

(Source: XPeng Motors)

XPeng Motors said that its G9 will be the first production car based on 800V high-voltage SiC platform in China, with a maximum battery life of 702 km. Charging for five minutes gives the car a battery life of 200 km. During the year, 800V high-voltage charging system will enter mass production, with a maximum power of 480kW and a maximum current of 670A.

The G9 also is the first international model of XPeng Motors, which follows the design of C-NCAP and E-NCAP double five-star safety standards. It adopts a new generation of X-EEA 3.0 electronic architecture, which reconstructs the hardware, software and communication architecture. This will bring about a great leap in the intelligence level of the whole vehicle.

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