Xpeng Releases World’s First Intelligent Robot Horse that People Can Ride

It appears that elements of science fiction are gradually becoming a reality. Pengxing Intelligence Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xpeng Motors, released the world’s first intelligent robot horse on Tuesday.

According to Xpeng, the horse is based on the architecture design of a quadruped robot. The design features an innovative body and joint system and is able to simulate natural movements much better than previous efforts at robotic animals.

The robot horse can also be equipped with a vehicle-level intelligent driving system which incorporates lidars and external cameras. The system enables the robotic animal to “sense” its surroundings, draw up a road map, avoid obstacles, and move and follow objects on its own.

In addition, this robot horse is equipped with several AI interaction functions all of which support voice and touch interactions and can even display corresponding facial expressions.

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At first glance, the robot seems to be something out of sci-fi movies, but in fact, the creature is geared towards being a child’s toy than anything else.

Although the robot horse is able to be ridden, the company suggests that it can only be ridden by childen. The company has not given any more details in regard to a rider’s age or weight.

Further, at present, it is not uncommon for cars equipped with “advanced” self-driving system to have accidents on the road, let alone “vehicle-level” intelligent driving systems. This also limits the use scenarios of this product to only a few acceptable scenarios.

As Xpeng‘s robotic horse now joins Xiaomi’s Cyberdog in the robotic zoo, it seems that as AI technologies and materials develop, the era of service robots may be not far away.