XPeng Releases Latest Generation of Ultra-Fast Charging Piles

On August 15, XPeng Motors held a launch event at which it announced that it had put the 1,000th self-operated charging station into operation, which is the first station to be equipped with the latest generation of ultra-fast charging pile in China.

He Xiaopeng, chairman of XPeng Motors, said by leveraging ultra-fast charging, high range and self-operated charging stations, pure electric vehicles are expected to rewrite the market landscape and eliminate hybrid models. “On average, Chinese users drive no more than 300 kilometers per week, and more than 90 percent of those scenarios are urban and suburban,” He said. Further, He believes that pure electric vehicles are already able to meet user demand in the vast majority of current usage scenarios.

Regarding the car market, He Xiaopeng said that as ultra-fast charging technology develops, cars that run on petrol and cost below 100,000 yuan ($14,767) will be quickly replaced by pure electric vehicles. Fuel cars between 100,000 and 200,000 yuan will be challenged by hybrid and pure electric models, but the hybrid models will perform better. In the price range above 200,000 yuan, it is the pure electric models that perform better. In addition, He Xiaopeng believes that ultra-fast charging technology will lead to an increase in sales of pure EVs above 200,000 yuan.

At present, XPeng Motors has 1,000 self-operated charging stations, 799 self-built supercharging stations and 201 self-operated destination stations. The XPeng S4 self-developed supercharging piles have a maximum power of 480kW, a maximum current of 670A and a peak charging power of 400kW. It supports the XPeng G9 and claims to charge 200km (CLTC) in 5 minutes.

XPeng Motors demonstrates the actual test of charging vehicles with S4 self-developed supercharging piles, and the mileage after 5 minutes of charging has increased by 210km, even higher than promotional materials.

In addition, the S4 ultra-charging pile boasts other improvements: A 36% reduction in the weight of the charging cable, enabling more users to easily carry the cable with just one hand. Further, the technology also features intelligent power distribution, and allows any of the charging piles to generate maximum power. The liquid-cooled charging cable actively monitors real-time temperatures thus ensuring safety for high-power charging.

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In terms of station construction, XPeng Motors plans to build S4 super fast charging stations in the top 10 cities of XPeng G9 orders in 2022. In 2023, it will explore key cities and core highway routes with S4 stations for the ultimate energy replenishment experience. In 2025, the company will build energy stations near vehicle owners through intelligent, efficient and high-quality replenishment solutions. And by 2025, it intends to build another 2,000 super fast charging stations.