XPeng Motors Takes Stake in Zvision Technologies

Chinese commercial inquiry platform Tianyancha showed on Tuesday that Beijing Zvision Technologies made registration of change with the country’s Industrial and Commercial Administration on January 25, adding Guangzhou XPeng Motors Investment Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership). In addition, the firm revealed that its registered capital increased from 2.67 million yuan ($421,665) to 3.07 million yuan ($484,785).

Founded in November 2017, Zvision Technologies mainly provides high-performance, small-scale integrated and mass-produced all-solid-state Lidar products for the automated driving market, focusing on serving automobile main engine factories and automated driving companies. Its customers include JD DeepRoute, Inceptio Technology, Sany Group and other companies.

At present, the main direction of mass production is to provide overall Lidar solutions to related vehicles in various scenes in specific areas, such as L3 + ADAS, high-speed logistics, smart mining areas, smart ports, smart parks, smart buses, Robotaxis and so on.

In January 2018, the company obtained an angel round of investment from Future Capital, PowerCloud Venture Capital and Innoangel Fund. In April 2019, it announced the completion of round-A financing of tens of millions of yuan led by Cloud Angel Fund. In April 2020, it received 70 million yuan ($11.06 million) in round-A+ financing led by Fosun RZ Capital and Green Pine Capital Partners (GPCP).

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In June 2021, the company completed round-B financing worth several hundred million yuan, led by Intel Capital and Sinovation Ventures in round B1 and B2, respectively. In January 2022, it completed several hundred million yuan in pre-round-C financing, led by XPeng Motors, alongside Shangqi Capital of SAIC Motor, Auto Fund from Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Bank of Communications and the old shareholder Intel Capital continued to invest.

According to public information, XPeng Motors was established in 2014 as a smart car manufacturing company with its headquarters in Guangzhou. At present, XPeng Motors has laid out five research and development centers around the world.

On November 29, 2021, the company established Guangzhou XPeng Motors Investment Consulting Partnership (Limited Partnership), with a business scope including information consulting services, enterprise management and investment activities with its own funds, among other things.