Xpeng Motors Responds to P7 Vehicle Fire Incident Following Traffic Accident

On the morning of February 29, a traffic accident occurred in China’s Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, involving an Xpeng P7 vehicle. According to the video footage of the accident’s scene, the Xpeng P7, driving at a high speed in rainy conditions, nearly lost control, resulting in a collision that led to a fire.

Xpeng Motors has expressed deep regret for the injuries and vehicle damage resulting from the accident and is actively cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

Upon receiving the collision alert, Xpeng Motors promptly initiated an emergency response, coordinating with local personnel to attend to the accident scene immediately. The accident site has been cordoned off by relevant authorities for a comprehensive investigation. Xpeng Motors is collaborating with these authorities in the accident resolution process, while also providing necessary support and arrangements for the affected car owner’s family.”

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