XPeng Motors Reportedly Undergoes Wave of Adjustments and Layoffs

Chinese new energy vehicle firm XPeng Motors is reportingly conducting organizational restructuring and layoffs across many departments. Adjustments were also carried out involving several senior executives, according to a Thursday report by domestic media outlet LatePost.

According to the coverage, He Liyang, the vice president of XPeng Motors in charge of offshore business, has recently left the post. He joined XPeng in early 2021 and headed the firm’s overseas markets division. Prior to this, he had served as the head of Western European Enterprise Business Department and as the VP of Huawei’s auto business. His position has been taken over by Jin Bin, XPeng VP in charge of human resources.

In addition, He’s subordinate, Zhang Yibo, the deputy general manager of marketing in charge of overseas business, and Zhang Chuanjin, the former general manager of North China Region and senior sales director, has also recently left XPeng.

XPeng initiated its overseas operation strategy in 2020, opening direct-sale stores in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark. In 2020, XPeng delivered 100 G3s in Norway. In 2021, it delivered a total of 438 G3s and P7s. In addition, XPeng hasn’t yet reached negotiations with HD-map service providers, although the firm’s models depend on them for assisted driving functions. In China, it cooperates with Amap, and for overseas operations, it is negotiating with Google. Judging from recent measures, XPeng is suspending further overseas expansion.

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In addition to overseas expansion, XPeng‘s internet center has undergone drastic adjustments. In January this year, Chen Yonghai, the former vice president of Amap’s product business, joined XPeng as the head of its internet Center. After Chen took charge, he adjusted the four departments. Besides, the center has optimized its overall staff pattern.

The Data Intelligence Center is a technical middle platform department of XPeng. It is responsible for IT system operations and maintenance, data, information management systems, and more. This newly established department is also laying off employees, including fresh graduates who recently signed agreements following the completion of their internships.