Xpeng Motors Launches First Batch of Super-charging Stations Along Expressways

On Monday, Xpeng announced that its first batch of 11 super-charging stations have been installed and are now in operation along the Shandong section of the Beijing-Shanghai expressway and the Henan section of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao expressway.

The super-charging stations will cover service areas of Linyi, Zhangqiu and West Leling along the Beijing-Shanghai expressway and the service areas of Xuchang, Hebi and Xinyang along the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau expressway.

The company has also become China’s first car-making enterprise to launch supercharging stations along the expressway service areas.

The output power of the charging piles along the expressway service areas is 180kW. These charging piles are equipped with a plug-and-charge connection along with an exclusive lock function and other features. The first non-operating owners of Xpeng automobiles could use these exclusive charging piles for free. Later on, Xpeng super-charging stations will be launched along the Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao and other expressways.

The company added 61 super-charging stations in July, bringing the total to 298.

Among the charging stations launched in July, 11 major cities such as Leshan, Qinhuangdao and Dongguan welcomed their first Xpeng supercharging stations.

By the end of July, Xpeng has provided free charging services at 1457 high-quality stations in 202 cities nationwide. The company said that it will rapidly expand the high-power fast-charging system across the country, including airports, shopping centers, tourist destinations, expressway service areas and other heavily trafficed areas.

Earlier in August, Xpeng announced its monthly deliveries in July of 8,040 Smart EVs, representing a 228% increase year-over-year, and a 22% increase over last month.

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