XPeng Launches G9 Flagship SUV, Starting from $43,968

Chinese EV maker XPeng revealed its 4th production model, the G9 Flagship SUV, for the Chinese market on September 21. The G9 will start from 309,900 yuan ($43,968) up to 469,900 yuan ($66,669) with the first deliveries for customers in China expected to be October.

The G9 lineup includes three series – each with a different driving range – and six configurations in total. These are the RWD 570G, RWD 570E, and RWD 702E; 4WD Performance 650E and 650X; and a Launch Edition 650X. The 4WD Performance models come with a dual-chamber air suspension system as standard.

XPeng G9 has a similar design language to the P7. It still gets the iconic lightsaber running under the hood, which XPeng calls the X-BOT FACE 3.0. The headlight cluster on the G9 is much larger than that on the P7. Moving to the back, the XPeng G9 is equipped with stunning LED tail lights that just wrap around the back corners, just like the front LED light bar that also stretches to the sides.

(Source: XPeng)

XPeng says the G9 has 660 liters of storage, so putting four massive 28-inch pieces of luggage at the back won’t obstruct the driver’s rear view. Also, a hidden auto-deploying tow bar is provided for people who like to go camping.

XPeng G9 boasts a new powertrain system using China’s first 800 V mass-production Silicon Carbide (SiC) platform. Supported by the company’s new 480 kW S4 supercharging stations, the 4C version of the G9 can add up to 200 km of CLTC range in as little as five minutes, which means it can charge from 10 to 80% in only 15 minutes. The standard 3C version can charge from 10–80% in 20 minutes.

The G9 offers a maximum CLTC range of 702 km, leading the mid-size SUV class. The other two versions of the G9 offer up to 570 km and 650 km (4WD) of CLTC range – between 460 and 570 km when converted to WLTP range, which easily covers most urban commutes.

(Source: XPeng)

The G9 uses XPeng‘s second-generation Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), XNGP, featuring an industry-first full-scenario driver assistance. XNGP is capable of tackling multiple driving scenarios by 2023 when it is available in most cities in China. The X Version of the G9 makes use of dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips which deliver 508 TOPS (trillion operations per second) of computing performance. The G9 also uses 31 sensors and a front-view camera for advanced object detection.

XPeng‘s first-generation ADAS, XPILOT, comes standard on the E version of the G9. Technological advancements and algorithmic iterations coupled with higher computing power elevate the performance of XPILOT’s existing ADAS functions that include valet parking assist and highway navigation guided pilot.

(Source: XPeng)

Powered by MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, the new voice assistant in G9 can respond to commands from all four areas of the cabin. The G9 debuts XPeng‘s interactive 3D user interface based on the Unity3D engine, offering drivers a seamless and interactive experience.

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To create the ultimate audio-visual entertainment experience, XPeng has introduced Xopera to the G9. Xopera is XPeng‘s proprietary multimedia system, engineered to create an immersive in-cabin experience. The system boasts concert hall-level acoustic engineering by utilizing an 18-speaker Dynaudio Confidence system with a total of 28 speakers and vibration units that produce a total output of 2250 W.