XPeng Chairman Shows Quadruped Robot Developed by XPeng Robotics

On August 19, He Xiaopeng, chairman of XPeng Motors, put on display on Twitter-like Weibo the quadruped robot developed by XPeng Robotics, part of the XPeng ecosystem.

It can be seen from the video that the quadruped robot can adjust its pace and keep its balance in time after being kicked by the tester.

He Xiaopeng said that the chassis capability of the robot (especially in terms of motion stability and safety) is the foundation, which is also the core reason why the XPeng Robotics’ team chose to produce a quadruped robot first.

He also stated the different standards to examine the robot, such as its ability to exercise outdoors for four hours, a wheelbase that is suitable for walking and turning around in a house, how to protect itself, situational awareness and the ability to get up again safely after falling down. Further, He wanted to ensure the safety of children who might grasp or hold the robot while it is in motion.

Last month, He Xiaopeng mentioned that he saw the robot was able to maneuver well in a laboratory environment, including being able to walk stably on gravel roads, and its motion stability has greatly improved. He believes that XPeng must independently develop the software, algorithms and electronics, instead of using open development resources.

XPeng Robotics was established in Shenzhen in 2016. As part of the XPeng Motors’ ecosystem and sharing the mission of being “a future travel explorer”, XPeng Robotics is now exploring a new path by introducing AI technologies into the fields of traditional motion control and autonomous navigation, and integrating automotive engineering and manufacturing systems into the robotics industry.

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When He Xiaopeng visited XPeng Robotics’ laboratory last month, he said that the company will make an official version of the quadruped robot in the second half of this year, which will be much lighter and smaller than the beta version.