Xiaomi’s Debut Vehicle, SU7, Gears Up for Mass Production in February

Insider sources have revealed to Chinese media outlet 36Kr that Xiaomi‘s debut vehicle, the SU7, is scheduled to commence mass production in mid-February, marking the official start of its production (SOP) phase. Following the initiation of SOP, the production plan for March is estimated around 2,000 units. By mid-2024, the company is expected to have scaled up production, potentially exceeding 10,000 units in July.

However, Xiaomi Auto has yet to confirm these reports.

On January 30th, insurance pricing data for Xiaomi Auto was unveiled for the first time. According to this data, the high-end version of the SU7 is priced at 361,400 yuan. This information, confirmed by a major insurance company, serves as a pricing benchmark for Xiaomi‘s inaugural car model. The SU7, reportedly equipped with a CATL ternary lithium battery, can reach top speeds of 265 km/h.

Xiaomi Group’s Chairman and CEO, Lei Jun, has previously addressed rumors of low pricing. He emphasized that Xiaomi Auto’s performance could rival that of high-end traditional fuel vehicles, indicating that its pricing would be comparatively high. Consequently, market speculation suggests that the final selling price of Xiaomi‘s car could range between 250,000 and 370,000 yuan.

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