Xiaomi to Launch 10 More 5G Smartphones in 2020

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi plans to launch more than 10 5G smartphones in 2020, company CEO Lei Jun said on October 20 at the World Internet Conference in the Chinese river town of Wuzhen.

Lei said that 5G, the next-generation communications technology, will be a huge opportunity for the company, but will also pose huge challenges and risks.

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“The industry is concerned that 4G mobile phones sales will slump next year. This is something that can’t be circumvented. So, we’re desperately hoping that operators can speed up the expansion of 5G base stations,” Lei explained.

Lei went on to predict that in the early stages of 5G popularization, players in the internet industry would need to work closely together to develop useful applications that could truly be empowered by 5G.

“I personally think that 5G comes with a rich range of applications, such as HD video streaming, gaming and much more. Whichever one would truly take off and become a trend among consumers will be apparent in the first half of next year,” Lei predicted.