Xiaomi Shenzhen International Headquarters to Feature 360-degree LED Surround Screen

On Tuesday evening, Ennead Architects announced that it had won the bidding for the open international design competition for Xiaomi‘s International Headquarters located in Shenzhen and would be the main architectural design unit of the project. Together, Xiaomi’s Shenzhen International Headquarters and the Mi Home Flagship Store will form a lighthouse for Shenzhen Bay, unofficially called “Mi Rubik’s Cube”.

With a total construction area of about 46,000 square meters, Xiaomi Shenzhen International Headquarters will feature a 360-degree, surround-screen LED unit that will surround the podium of the building.

Peter Schubert, the designer partner of Ennead and chief architect of Xiaomi Shenzhen International Headquarters, spoke about the inspiration for the project, “Our architectural inspiration comes from the focus and sense of technology that Xiaomi brings to the public.” He added that “The design concept of ‘Mi Rubik’s Cube’ takes the architecture’s traffic flow as the criterion, leads the interactive integration of various functional spaces, and visualizes the unremitting innovation and cooperation spirit in Xiaomi culture and mission.”

In June 2020, Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and Xiaomi held a signing ceremony for the  developmentagreement in Shenzhen Civic Center.

(Source: Ennead Architects)

Xiaomi will set up a special enterprise for the project in the city named Shenzhen Xiaomi Information Technology Co., Ltd. while the company will place its International Headquarters in Houhai and its Finance and Business Headquarters Base in Nanshan District. The international headquarters building will include three major sections, including smartphones and AI center, business development, and Internet services, so as to further expand the company’s international market and help its innovation strategy.

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Xiaomi plans to invest 7.76 billion yuan in Shenzhen to build its new International Headquarters. The estimated accumulated operating income from 2020 to 2024 will be about 51 billion yuan, and the local financial income created will be about 600 million yuan.

In October 2020, Shenzhen sold three commercial plots for 731 million yuan. All three plots were sold at the initial price. Among them, Shenzhen Xiaomi Information Technology Co., Ltd. won the T107-0092 plot at a price of 531 million yuan.