Xiaomi Responds to the Incident at the Haikou Parking Lot

On June 7th, regarding the recent incident involving a Xiaomi SU7 in the parking lot, a spokesperson from Xiaomi issued a statement today: “Claims of ‘vehicle out of control’ and ‘brake failure’ are seriously inaccurate. We will actively cooperate with and assist the police in their investigation.”

Xiaomi responded: After the related accident occurred, we have intervened immediately and are actively cooperating with the police for inspection and investigation. According to the vehicle’s backend data retrieved in cooperation with the police, all systems of the vehicle were normal at the time of the accident, including normal brake pedal status and continuous depression of the accelerator pedal. We have provided a vehicle data report to the traffic police department regarding the incident and will continue to cooperate with assisting in their investigation. Once there are relevant results, we will promptly disclose them. It is highly inaccurate for media outlets to rashly describe terms such as ‘vehicle out of control’ or ‘brake failure’ without understanding facts or data. We will sincerely and properly cooperate with car owners and other parties involved in handling aftermath matters related to this incident.

The specific details of the accident are as follows: On the morning of June 7th, in Meilan District, Haikou City, at Chunjiang No.1 Community on Meiyuan Road, a Xiaomi SU7 battery electric car suddenly lost control while exiting the parking lot and crashed into an electric bike and pedestrians traveling normally on the non-motorized vehicle lane, resulting in one death and one injury.

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