Xiaomi Obtained Rollable Smartphone Appearance Patent

On April 7, Xiaomi obtained a new and innovative design patent for a “mobile phone.”

The patent pictures show that the phone is shaped like a “pillar.” The screen can be rolled into a cylindrical space. Users can pull out the screen from this cylindrical structure as needed. At the top of the pillar structure, there is also a design resembling a pop-up camera to meet users’ photography needs.

(Source: Xiaomi)

This design is full of technological sense, not only making the phone more compact but also avoiding problems with creases in many foldable phones today. It reflects an unusual design concept. It can be confirmed that this patent showcases more of a “conceptual design” and will require significant adjustments and modifications to implement.

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Just days ago, Xiaomi obtained another foldable screen form factor patent where the upper half of the phone’s screen could flip back to its backside so that it becomes an outer display while transforming its built-in camera into an outer one.

From several patents recently applied by Xiaomi, we can see that the firm may be exploring new directions for foldable screen development, which could bring revolutionary changes to foldable phones.